Nine Inch Nails - "Another Version Of The Truth (The Gift)"

Alas! Our first NIN post. I think this is a good place to start. Many of you, and mostly everyone know this logo, know this band and probably a handful of songs you've heard or remember. This release attracts those that may only know a few songs and also provides plenty of quality for the die-hards to sink their teeth into and dissect. The production on this collection trumps the Vegas taping (just listen to "The Big Come Down," and you'll know why I decided on "The Gift"). The representation of each song has been performed with such intensity and skill, that it may reignite the intrigue in the back catalogue or even light the flame for albums that may have slipped under the radar for many ("The Slip" & "Year Zero" are not exactly "go to" albums for most NIN enthusiasts, even though I've learned that to be a huge and terrible oversight.) "Discipline," "Echoplex" and "God Given," all great songs that line up right beside classics from the debut and sophomore releases. A compilation of this magnitude (the tracking listing is >30) will definitely test the endurance of many, but will also appeal to those who have gone stale on their libraries and doing some digging for the expertise that's been missing in modern music. 

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