Aphex Twin - "Syro"

This isn't a "hardcore" blog per sé or an aggressive forum, so it's good to get a range of releases on here every once in a while even though I tend to dwell in the low end for days. "Syro" is Richard's first output in thirteen years and is probably one of the best overall releases of 2014. Right from the get-go album opener "Minipops" is such a refreshing listen to untrained ears that it's captivating to another level of attention. The EDM sensation that polluted every genre and went on a frantic frenzy in the past five years gets put to shame on this release. The sounds (and by the definitive term  I do mean exactly that: SOUNDS in all capital letters) are so incredibly unique and crafted so diligently that it's practically contagious. Especially if you've been trolling in Skrillex land and have never heard Twin's prior work. This is no "Come To Daddy," and it's definitely no dubstep. This is music for 2348 and beyond. If THX1138 bothered with a soundtrack, this is what music stores in the film would've been roaring. Who knew ableton was capable of such plugins and who even knew analog synths could go so eclectic. "Syro" is truly a one of a kind experience and is worth every format you can grab. I'd recommend vinyl for the packaging and warmth, but explore digital for a fresh spin on your worn earbuds.

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