Pantera - "Far Beyond Driven"

Although Pantera only compiled five studio albums under this flag (forget the glam releases), the impact every track had on the metal world is the ability to influence personified. In 94 when fans lined up miles around record stores to pick up this bad boy, FBD took the sounds on "Vulgar" to a new level. The solo on "5 Minutes Alone" and the bass line that linger beneath it is one of the gnarliest grooves I may have ever heard. The brutality of "Slaughtered" is still unmatched to this day, and album opener "Strength Beyond Strength" is a complete blast of what's capable in the studio if a band has skills and talent to match the time recording.  It's been 10 years since Dime passed, but it doesn't mean his music doesn't still resonate in the metal community. Arguably the best of their catalogue, "Far Beyond Driven" is a slogan most of us will never understand. This is a band full of people with a different vision of this planet and what they were able to accomplish in just a few years most bands will never even strive for. God damn I miss this band and am so fortunate I even got to see them live, experience the myth and meet Dime in person. RIP.

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