Poison The Well - "You Come Before You"

It was a total toss between YCBY and "Tear From The Red" as both records were such shapeshifters in the realm of hardcore. This isn't the same band that delivered "Opposite of December." Maybe the personnel is halfway there, but the tunes and approach are drastically different. Tracks 3-6 are a total breath of fresh air in a world where melody is very rare and even nonexistent when pertaining to quality. Remember, in 03 Townsend was still in Strapping, Animals As Leaders and djent don't exist yet, and it was later that year when BTBAM released their promising sophomore album. This was the Deftones everyone needed when their self titled partially delivered. They were the answer to hardcore's missing melodic element. Alas, substance! PTW didn't ever really get the attention or acclaim they deserved and "The Tropic Rot" embraced everything that was learned on this album and exaggerated by 1,000%. This album also pushed a lot of the band's early followers due to it being so "emo." But if you listen and read the words, the way they flow with the melody and the storytelling, there is something proper to take away. This is for hidden one liners and songs that smoothly leak into one another. YCBY contains the lush depth shoegaze enthusiasts live for. Start here for the extraordinary. 

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