Red Hot Chili Peppers - "One Hot Minute"

I know what you're thinking - "can we hurry up and get back to the recently added?" With pleasure! To think that at some point these past 7 releases (and the next 7 more) were in fact once "the recently added." The first and only release to feature Dave Navarro, "One Hot Minute" captures some of the band's most stylish grooves. I think Navarro was even cited for quitting the band due to "too much jamming" during the band's rehearsals. Singles "Aeorplane," & "My Friends" make this one a timeless classic, while "Walking Into Grace," "Walkabout," & "Shallow Be Thy Game" showcase the potential of the funk element the group once had. One thing that stands out aside from the sheer, unrelenting animation of each track, and that's Anthony's writing and prose. The intro to "Deep Kick," and the sly title track really capture some of his best storytelling, if not some of the best imagery captured in rock to date. It's a shame the rest of the catalogue borderlines at meh at best mediocre crap-punk that feels as if it got washed over by a wave before it hit the speakers. Truly an album loaded with parts where the band do more show than tell.

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