Slayer - "South of Heaven"

Kicking off vintage week and beyond is Slayer's classic. Just like every album in their catalogue, Slayer kick off the album with what would become another hit anthem in the album title track. The production so particular to this era of their career plays a major component to the album. It's almost as if every song is a classic and the album can be seen as a greatest hits compilation. Not as angry as "Reign in Blood" or as detailed and intricate as "Seasons..." SOH is a great place to start for any new commer. I used to listen to SOH on cassette on my way to school after getting into the band soon after "Diablos..." was released. It's funny to think that in 1998, Slayer had been around for only 13-14 years, and now it's been >15 years since I got into the band. Time moves so fast, but this album is still one of the best records of all time, if not, arguably one of Slayer's finest.

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