Beacons - "Dead Thoughts"

Beacons have got it together with a solid release produced independently and NYP listed on bandcamp. Solid verge between beatdown and deathcore, Beacons capture the best of both worlds. Less droning and lingering than most downtempo bands, band not as screechy in the vocals and littered with blasts like most deathcore. It's a fun album with barely any filler and the production will make you come back for repeat listens. The lyrics are childish, although easily overlooked but tracks like "Mourning" give some breathing room in the record where most competitors in the genre will cash in on a track full of noise. As a precaution, in my 3100 and growing album catalogue, if shuffle gives me a bullshit track from a band, it's hard to tell if I'll ever come back to it. We need straightforward, deep, thought-provoking music. The more of the actual band that we can get, and the less of the machines, the better.

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