Faith No More - "Motherfucker"

Faith No More has basically never been a band as far as anyone reading this is concerned. Who even talks about FNM? They're not a Pantera or a Sepultura where anyone shares stories of their myths at shows or who was on the line up in 1997. All anyone ever heard or really remembers is "Epic" and maybe Patton's contributions to TDEP, Fantomas, or The X-ecutioners album that I purchased many moons ago and never heard. Patton is really the only main takeaway and anything he touches is considered gold. The fact that there are two shows at Webster Hall that went on sale today at noon and are already sold out is enough of a testament to the hipster culture that lingers in NYC. There hasn't been a peep from these dudes in forever. Who are these diehards that sold out two nights of Faith No More in 30 minutes? Probably the same 1,231 people selling their $49.50 tickets on some garbage blog for anywhere between $295-1,200. Stop making a business out of cult classics. Venues, when will all shows be will call? No need for physical tickets when dorks sit online waiting to click and then the venue is a third empty. Anyhow, check out "Motherfucker," anything Patton is worth your time. Especially for those of us that adore "Delirium Cordia" in all of it's 70+ minute one track glory.

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