Turnstile - "Nonstop Feeling"

At its core, Turnstile is a bare bones meat and potatoes type of American hardcore band. At face value, it's easy to group them with traditional acts that litter the bridge nine catalogue. But dig a little deeper and you'll find a band layered with depth and passion. "Nonstop Feeling" takes the band where the past two eps have struggled to go. Opener "Gravity" is a solid kick in the gut, and the melody on "Drop" is akin to Misfits classics. The same is found on "Blue By You." The odd turn is the melodic tendencies that swoon in and out comparable to Nick Hexum of 311. Just check out "Can't Deny It" and be totally blown away. Some of the verses bring back to mind the same barks Daryl Taberski of Snapcase fame and at other times he's Zach de la Rocha of RATM. The production even reminds me of how "End Transition" was mixed. I could go track by track but that would spoil the fun. Just don't rule out Brendan Yates as a one trick pony, this is one talented fuck. If you've grouped Turnstile as another one dimensional outfit, I urge you to reconsider.  

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