Full Of Hell -"Music From The Dial"

Although it's noisy as all hell (don't mind the pun) and sometimes a bit too much to chew, Full Of Hell know exactly how to manage their presentment. The consistent static sets the tone for a rough ride, but it isn't as noisy as Eyehategod per se or angrier than the first Chariot record. It's really just an exploration into chaotic sound that's captured here. The brief moments the group is in full form (ie; "Coven Of The Larynx") the tunes are reminiscent of some of the pre Jane Doe era Converge. At only 4 songs and under 15 minutes, Music From The Dial sells Full Of Hell as madness pioneers. Even though it falls into the realm of "loud music, with amps in your face" it's much more creative than cookie cutter djent or overkill metalcore that's a rehash of defeated themes. Start here for the open minded when in need of a proper refresh.

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