Of Mice & Men - "Restoring Force - Full Circle"

Who would've known Of Mice & Men would catapult to the monolith they have become? As long as they keep touring new markets, continue to find challenging new line ups to engage new audiences and turn into an alternative rock band instead of a sub-par metalcore meh outfit, they're bound to be the next headliner. ADTR did the same thing and Avenged Sevenfold managed to accomplish greatness in a similar fashion. Their latest album finds OM&M exploring familiar terrain, but also explore more concrete themes. The song writing has been enhanced and it's obvious there's a madman at the wheel in some studio box in the middle of nowhere. The biggest shocker is "Never Giving Up," a track that sounds like it's lost it's way from Linkin Park's Meteora sessions. Maybe it was their short tour together that brought this new approach. Not sure what the angle is, but if this is showcasing what's to come, these guys are going to be exploding in your local arena very soon.

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