Yaniv Rubina - "The Buckhead Sessions"

The joy of delivery upon expectation! What The Buckhead Sessions fails to give us in packaging, it makes up for greatly in content. The transition from track to track is a seamless work of integration. Even though each track on this release is so independently crafted, there's some form of twisted art that ties them all together. One song from the next, Yaniv paints a wide canvas in his broad arsenal of audio debauchery. Album opener Home is a lush track that resonates intently throughout. Animal is a powerhouse of an anthem with a heavy beat, buzz saw guitars and some really strong melodies reminiscent of old NIN. Enlightened and Mr. Fox are the true gems with great combinations of organic and electronic instruments layered in a lush landscape. The only real crime on this release is that interludes ...And and Gifted are heavy enough in their own right to be standout tracks and are instead only briefly realized. With each track representing its own world of music, it's questionable if some of this is dance or if some of this is electronic or perhaps something else? Whatever it is, it's badass and we want more and the album's closer doesn't make it any easier to part. The mixture of so many variables, as well as the precise execution of some of the ideas, are presented in such a short time span that it's almost mind boggling that perhaps this release has reached its true potential. A real feat here for fans of melodic, melancholy bliss.  

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