Three Crowns - "Commodity"

Three Crowns picks up where For The Fallen Dreams left off with Changes. The Misery Signals type of metalcore that lingered into a mish mash of noodle noise after that  album was released never really materialized into anything special after that album. Even MS didn't really have a stronger album than Malice... and it's probably going to be 2017 when FTFD do what MS did and tour the anniversary of their first album. I'm not sure why these things don't translate over time, but Kyle once said of Absent Light "we really tried to capture the youth of the first one on this album." That's such a great observation to make and it probably can't be articulated any better. The lyrics of the debut are the writer's soul. The riffs are the most artistic and creative as the band has had their entire life to formulate them. Three Crowns' Commodity is another attempt for listeners to take advantage of that passion. The tunes are so tight and the lyrics are so well written that it stands next to the two aforementioned releases with equal ground and as an indie release that shouldn't go unnoticed.

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