Veil of Maya - "Matriarch"

They're back! Sure! Whatever! The guitar work is on point, so if you're wondering if ol' boy is still worthy of the proper slip-jig, do not sleep on this one. Mark Okubo is still a madman at the wheel and his contributions are not to be stifled. If anything, his revolutionary appeal and ability to do the majority of the songwriting single handedly is to be commended. What is to be noted is the introduction of VOM's third official vocalist. Tracks like "Ellie," and especially "Lucy" showcase the new angle now present. Lukas Magyar replaces longtime VOM veteran Brandon Butler, but whereas the last releases after A Common... could only be carried by Mark's contribution so far, Matriarch finds new blood. Akin to what Sky Eats Airplane accomplished with their self titled on Equal Vision a few years back, VOM bring some melody to the equation. Although a little repetitive in nature, it's refreshing to hear coming from a VOM record. This is the obvious key element as the drums and bass are as stale as ever and Mark's licks have always been the key element in the outfits sale's pitch. All in all Matriarch presents new blood to the band's catalogue and if you've fallen out of touch of  Sumerian origins, this is a great way to get back into one of the founding outfits that made the label so promising to begin with.

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