Nights Like These - "Old Youth Culture"

Although it may kickoff like the Nights Like These we all got into during the Faithless days, it's only "None More Hated" that resonates in this mantra while the album quickly evolves back into that painful Sabbath approach that was introduced in the sophomore release. I'm not sure why they strayed from their metalcore roots to begin with, but they've never been able to write really strong songs with their sludgy and less groovy metal sound. Sure "Anchor In Bone" has some fast paced stuff but none of it ever picks up like it should. It's not that I haven't been paying attention and overlooking their discography because of this, and in fact I've even been more interested in their career to see what they'll come up with next. It's just that the transition never made any sense to their evolution of sound. It's not like Poison The Well turned into the band they evolved into on Versions or the album and EPs that followed, over night. It was a gradual shift and I even love their new stuff. But with Nights Like These it feels as if there is some resentment to their formative sound. There was a night on a Bury Your Dead show in 2006 where the singer even said "we're not playing anything off the first one," and then everyone in the crowd sat around with fingers in their asses. This album may be a self gratifying attempt at a creative outlet, and it may not even have anything to do with us. But for those wondering if perhaps they kicked into character and got back into gear, it's very obvious that the core sound that turned many of us on to their Victory Records debut is just never coming back.

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