Smashing Pumpkins - "Monuments To An Elegy"

I'm not sure what business Smashing Pumpkins even have releasing a new album in 2015. With their relentless catalogue they definitely have enough material to play endless Lollapaloozas and Coachellas for plenty of years to come. What we have here however isn't just a mishmash to keep Corgan & co. in business, but rather a decent collection that stands on its own away from the bands past. I'm not sure who is even left in the band anymore since their Gish or Siamese Dream days and it's not even worth a trip to Wikipedia, but the album certainly follows in the outfit's footsteps. Corgan's nasally tones still soar above the melodies and the hooks are just as contagious as ever. Check this out if you're tired of hearing unproduced, unedited amateurs roar cherub-rock like they know what they're doing. Corgan and team hit the deli here and they certainly know how to request their shakes and triple deckers. Give the boys another chance if you've given up after countless failed albums.

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