The Chemical Brothers - "Further"

The Chemical Brother's seventh installment Further finds the duo lightening up a bit than their prior assaults. The album hardly picks up until the second part with "Horse Power" bringing back to mind their sonic audio assaults of their prior releases. A few others leave a mark but none really take control with that bombastic electronic velocity one is used to from the group. Album opener "Snow" accomplishes nothing but breathing white noise over the speakers and the two tracks that follow don't pick up the pace at all making the listener wonder if perhaps they picked up the wrong Chemical vinyl. "K+D+B" kicks off the last quarter of the record with some fun tribal beats, but really goes nowhere in its short duration. Maybe it's the whole film cohesion they're trying to go for, perhaps the work with filmmakers for Hanna or their hopes and attempts to make soundtracks has taken away from their aggressive influences that were found on classics Dig Your Own WholeCome With Us and We Are The Night. Why this one was nominated for a Grammy and not their prior releases is completely beyond me. Perhaps the others are the better records to pick up on vinyl. Save Further for digital.

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