Harms Way - "Rust Over America"

Harms Way have been working themselves up to be somewhat of a heavyweight in hardcore. There's just something about that logo that means trouble when you see it at the top of a roster. With Rust just a few months in the rear view mirror, the band is just eager to explode on stage with a fresh batch of tunes. The lineup wasn't loaded with filler and Eternal Sleep and The Beautiful Ones proved to be worthy of their slots as a warm up to the chaos that ensues at most barebone hardcore shows. The group kicked off with "Infestation" and then unleashed a collection of tracks from crowd classic Isolation before closing with the brutal "Scrambled." It's only going to take one or two more strong bills to take the boys from the bottom rung of club shows to next level of theaters. Perhaps The Black Dahlia Murder tour that's next for the band will do just that. 

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