Spellcaster - "Under The Spell"

With the Big 4 still on a strong prowl, it's tough to say whether or not thrash is in need of a revival. Testament just released a new one (with Chris Adler on the drums no less) and Exodus is packing arenas. Spellcaster bring a classic sound to the modern age with crisp production and consistency track after track. The vocals range from arena rock era Judas Priest to Ripper era Iced Earth, and the influence is never more obvious than on "Nite of the Hellbeast." Some of the hooks are a bit weak with relentless repetition with "Locked Up" showcasing the biggest flaw. A few double bass fills wouldn't hurt either. But it sounds like this might be more of a Ratt, Dokken, or Cinderella, instead of an Anthrax, Megadeth, or Metallica and maybe that's why it's missing that extra grit necessary to take Under The Spell over the edge.

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