Warped Tour 2015 - Jones Beach, NY

It's surprising that after so many years and so many variations that Warped tour still gets such a draw. No other summer tour is quite like it and has sustained such a tenure. Having attended this thing for 16 straight years in a row, 2015 felt like I really needed to make an effort as a slightly more mature listener who's been hunting the alternative/aggressive scene for almost 20 years. In light of all the new releases that dropped in the past year and the almost hundred bands the tour had on its bill, I broke the day down to the following agenda: Hundrendth, August Burns Red, Man Overboard, Attila, Miss May I, '68, I Killed The Prom Queen, and Neck Deep. A few things to note to get this blurb on the express train. ABR has taken control of their sound. It may have taken them 10+ years, but do not miss them on any package the next time they're in town. Hundredth has some work to do to capture their audience but maybe it was their 11am set time. IKTPQ has no draw in New York so I don't really know what to say, plus they didn't have a bass player so the treble was through the roof. The biggest standout in my opinion was Neck Deep. A truly exceptional pop-punk outfit playing the wrong stage with a solid following always makes for a great set. Josh Scogin is still holding strong with him and a drummer banging away at each other on the Monster Energy stage. It's great to see the tour in such a healthy position after all these years. I've been going as a kid with little to no money that I would spend on a few pieces of worthless merch and die of thirst throughout the afternoon. Now as a 29 year old man, I find myself looking at things with a slightly different retrospect but rest assured, the tour hasn't lost its intrigue and is always good for an afternoon of free energy drinks in the sun.

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