Hate Eternal - "Infernus"

Just in time to round out the summer's top picks for brutal death metal epics, Hate Eternal inherit the crown with their latest opus. What a great ride of metal and brilliantly placed rhythms and leads we have here with their latest installment. With slick production and ruthless picking, there isn't a song that goes by that doesn't blow you away. The vocals are ruthless as always and the drums do their best to sustain. Not that they lag in double throttle double bass by any means, but some of Rutan's riffage is so ridiculously outlandish that not even a drum machine would do it justice to keep up. For those new to the band, Infernus isn't going to convert you to the world of brutal death metal. Instead it's going to pulverize you and your heirs and demand an explanation as to why it took you so long to come around.

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