Legions Await - "The Pyrrhic Ascent"

It's a damn shame that distribution and marketing of digital releases is so chronically misguided. It almost makes you want to avoid ever trying to sell anything at all in this world, just assume you'll be overlooked. If there was anything missing on their debut, LA are back and in epic form to make up for it on The Pyrrhic Ascent. As usual with most brutally technical death metal bands, the rhythm section is in full form here. Tight pounding drums along Demanufacture era picking, Legions Await melt your face as they churn song after song. The leads however have simply taken a life of their own. Signature standout "Detritus" almost showcases the bands direct Xerath sentiments and "Sciomancers" could surely be found on the latest Faceless release. Just that comment alone, for those who have been following, will see the band evolve from an intricate group comparable to TTEOTD to the stature of genius found on albums such as Planetary Duality (with obviously a much lighter emphasis on the celestial elements)The leads are so infectious that it almost makes you want to trace back just how the songs and the album as a whole evolved to such glorious peaks. It's one after the other with the surprises here, and it's a true shame that this isn't what is being heralded as the best current metal release at this time.

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