Black Tongue - "The Unconquerable Dark"

Black Tongue deserve all the praise they can get for all they've accomplished in such a short time. Their EP turned LP Born Hanged got them to tour on just about every solid deathcore package all of 2013-14. On their Century Media debut it's more of the same and it's nice to see down-tempo really get the production and cultivation it deserves. The fact that they came from the pages of Chugcore type blogs and riff raff distribution, got signed to a major, and are just about on every other tour package that swings through town is a testament to their work ethic and a jab at those that say this latest trend of acts is just another fad that will fade away. The fact that Black Tongue  got this record out on Century Media is a testament to the genre and a step in the right direction to solidify its place in metal and hopefully let a little bit of the underground linger into the mainstream.

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