Boy Sets Fire - "While A Nation Sleeps"

These resurrections the past few years have been absolute treats. Very rarely does a strong act come out of hiatus and give us a record that falls short of expectations. The group has had the time to identify what makes the core of their sound and attack with the right intensity of their initial efforts. Boy Sets Fire return after many years of hiding in the woodshed. While not exactly giving us gems that were found in After The Eulogy and Tomorrow Come Today, While A Nation Sleeps is a great return to form. It finds them leveling off some of their more alternative engagements and not just lingering in the socio-political arena. The vocals are almost stronger than ever and the hooks just as infectious as before. Now the only thing missing is a co-headline route across North America alongside Snapcase, which hopefully will one day make a follow up to their efforts as well.

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