Bring Me The Horizon - "That's The Spirit"

For those who have been on this journey with them, That's The Spirit will make total sense. For those who have just recently heard about this ruthless metalcore band from the U.K. they may be a bit stunned if debuting on this release. It's crucial to note how well That's The Spirit is tracked. It exposes Bring Me The Horizon in their new form, as a sort of unveiling if you may, that peels away layers into their new model petal by petal. The first three tracks show the boldest enhancements with Muppet like cooing found in album opener "Doomed." It's obvious the labels have gotten a hold of Oli and convinced him to explore his true potential. I mean, what's that chorus in "Follow You" all about? Each track showcases its own bells and whistles with the synthesizer taking the spotlight of all instruments and is front and center. Akin to Eighteen Visions on their self titled, or Atreyu in Lead Sails..., BMTH do what's right to elevate themselves away from the previous competition. It's a nice transformation and it's a necessary step for a band of their origins to take in order to cement themselves in headliner capacity. Some of the ideas here are also very original and you can tell they're working with some top notch talent in the studio. But it's a little disheartening for those of us looking for the ferocity that was found in the past three releases and find only arena rock epics which can tend to be a bit tedious when listening to a whole album.

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