Ghost - "Meliora"

If Coheed and BTBAM ever had a baby I'm pretty sure his name would be Papa. Whatever Ghost (or Ghost B.C. now, I guess) have come up with is really just an amalgamation of BTBAM's cryptic, Depeche Mode epics alongside Coheed's lingering proggy build ups. I was expecting a little more excitement from this group and perhaps a little more aggression or intensity. The songwriting is nice, but sounds more spacey than demonic, which is what I expected from their imagery and visual spectacle that hounds my Facebook newsfeed. Meliora is definitely unique and the group is definitely doing something different. I didn't really find any real ballads here or any solid timeless rock gems. Perhaps "He Is" probably came as close to a classic as possible, but it was still a little vanilla. I don't know if I'll necessarily return to this album for repeated listens, but for all intents and purposes it was a fun ride that stood on its own two feet.

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