Parkway Drive "Ire"

I'm not sure who's responsible for making sure all metalcore bands progress comparably between their fourth or fifth albums, but they're certainly doing a damn fine job. Ire showcases more of the familiar lead noodling we've come to expect from the Australian quintet, but introduces some headliner elements including chants and a few melodies in the vocal department here and there. That's not to say Parkway Drive dove off the deep end the way That's The Spirit distanced BMTH from their origins, but it's an obvious evolution and is probably a necessary one at that. I've never considered Parkway to specialize in artistic and creative output in their albums, always being a step below genre heavyweights August Burns Red; but rather total masters of the live environment. That's not to say their foundations are elementary. In fact, the band is probably one of the best in the genre. There are a few oddball moments on the album, with "Writings On The Wall" putting a funny look on my face and splitting the album in half. Closing ballad "A Deathless Song" could've probably been the only thing necessary to reveal their new angle. It's just becoming very predictable with what's around the corner with these releases lately. Their current tour with Thy Art Is Murder should prove successful and hopefully will take the band to Avenged level heights and put aggressive music at the top of some of these world renowned festivals alongside Slipknot and Asking Alexandria.

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