Tesseract "Polaris"

In case you haven't gotten the hint by now Tesseract is a force to be reckoned with.  While some might be waiting for Tool to come out from hiding, the bass expressions and the vocal arrangements will have you wondering why Maynard is considered such a powerhouse. Their first album saw them reach too far, perhaps jumping too deep exploring wavelengths that they weren't prepared to face. Their sophomore outing saw them battle estranged vocalists and struggle in finding an identity even though they managed to propel to new heights with each track. Alas, we stumble upon their magnum opus, meshing themes developed in their prior two releases with a lineup that's stronger than ever. With a blend of Intervals-esque structures and Textures style songwriting, it's easy to continue and group Tesseract with Monuments, Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta and the other two acts. But is it a bad club to be a part of? Linger on Polaris to find out.

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