Bring Me The Horizon "That's The Spirit Tour Fall 2015"

With this past Summer's collection of fests now behind us, the fall season is here and hence every band is showcasing their growth over the last few months and their attempts to headline the main events are in full effect.
   With Bring Me The Horizon on their current That's The Spirit tour, nothing could be more evident. Coming from a guy who was there when they opened for Bury Your Dead alongside Nights Like These and Ion Dissonance and was also anxiously waiting for that Johnny Truant, Misery Signals and TGI package in 2008 (that second tour never pulled it off - but I do still have a flyer from the initial posting), it's safe to say we've come miles from where we started.
   BMTH has put together quite a collection of songs that has catapulted their presentation to another level. It was a great playlist of songs that really showcased the highlights of their entire catalogue. Opening with the first two tracks off their latest release with a backdrop that mimics Reznor's arena engagements, there couldn't have been anymore force in the opening part of the set. The sold out crowd was obviously a new school of youthful faces, and everyone welcomed the new tunes.

(while not exactly Barcos - the layout still reigned supreme)

     The band is coming on like a legitimate headliner. Almost like Godsmack and Staind and how they presented themselves in the late 90's and owned Hard Rock, BMTH is no longer a band before the band. While obviously on a completely different caliber, the kids in BMTH are now grown men and know how to hold their own and clearly have an outlined agenda.
   Although I cheated initially and checked out the setlist and was a little disappointed to see very little from the Suicide Season catalogueit was so obvious as to why the band chose the songs they did for their set. When compiled together it almost carries the same approach TDEP showcases in their live shows. Plenty of sing alongs and tunes that can carry on their own with tons of audience participation, while still capturing that aggression that dominates their core sound. When they finally did play "Chelsea Smile" it was probably the flattest song of their set and it's only a matter of time before they too pull a BTBAM and not touch anything before the third album.

(these silhouettes are the best it gets but showcase proof of concept)

    It's obvious that they're ready for headliner status on the title fights of 2016 and hopefully will grace the later part of Download or Hellfest in the coming year. With a few more tracks in the set and a little more time between tunes they can absolutely pull off the timing it takes to clock in a 90 minute set. Alongside Slipknot and Avenged (although no pyro), BMTH and are miles away from other scene contenders Parkway Drive and Architects, and are only going to be playing theatre and club gigs for another couple of rounds before they shuttle off into arenas. Try and make it now if you can to indulge in their intimacy. 

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