Loma Prieta "Self Portrait"

This latest installment to their already lush and colorful catalogue finds Loma exploring their melancholy melodies to a higher level. "Roadside Cross," "Never Remember" and "Nostalgia" being the most notable, Self Portrait now finds the group exploring deeper elements in their distorted mish mash of wails, crooning, and insistent screaming. It's safe to say there aren't too many out there that can mimic this sound, and if they can they just aren't doing it. Their signature production and songwriting has become so obviously them, that it's great to see such a solidified approach that has evolved from the collection that was found on I.V. Bringing to mind a sound that can only really be found in some parts of Converge's early catalogue, Loma Prieta give us yet another reason to jump on board their unique approach of melodic hardcore. In case you weren't aware the band shares the name with the earthquake that struck in 1989 in San Francisco.  

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