Cockpunch! "The Rebirth of Cool"

With Attack Cockpunch! really exhausted every effort to be as brash as possible. Their collection of tracks prescribed a dose of hilarity while also showcasing some real quality hardcore. Akin to Expire and Backtrack the music is the old faithful approach of meat and potatoes intensity.
     None of this is lost with their latest EP The Rebirth of Cool dishing out another half dozen tracks to add to their repertoire. With some quality sampling (PCU makes a debut!) Cockpunch! churns out the chuckles on "You Booze You Lose" and "Vegan/Not Vegan." 
     The only draw back is the length of the record clocking in just under twenty minutes with the droning "Sk8 or Die" making up most of this clock time in excess of six minutes. The whole thing is really over before it starts and perhaps can help those who aren't familiar with the band get a glimpse into their world. While Attack may have lingered a bit too long, this EP leaves one wanting for more. Although their comical approach and sassy attitude separates the group from their peers, they're still a force to be reckoned with and can still stand tall on any bill with their chips and pizza lyrical content. 

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