Album Of The Year 2015

Well there you have it folks. A years worth of material here. Although the Top Nine showcased gems like Turnstile's Nonstop Feeling, which for a while was THE record of the year, and a few others that definitely could've been the one, Frank Carter's collection with his new outfit sees the man behind the madness hone in on a special batch of tracks that culminate all of his past efforts, that catapult past anything any of what the others managed to accomplish with their releases.
     For those familiar with the legacy, the transition from Gallows to Pure Love to Rattlesnakes seems natural. While the latter was obviously more keen to the alternative ear and paraded itself in love songs, it was still very much Carter and the live shows made everyone wonder what band they were even going to see, hardly ever being as tame as the record may have made the tunes. With his current outfit, FC seems pissed again, and for whatever reason, he has to stomp it into the ground.
     I've written about Blossom before but album opener "Juggernaut," followed by personal favorite "Trouble" is a whirlwind of energy, while "Primary Explosive" and "Devil In Me" are two of the album's strongest tracks. These songs are unique, quirky, and superior to the stale sounds of typical hardcore and punk records. Although Turnstile and the other eight are hardly typical, Blossom had an extraterrestrial impact of sorts, sharing something that was long expected, and never doubted. "Loss" for example being a great burst of lyrical content and simple, but effective song writing. This release is refreshing and different, but still familiar in that it contains one of our most beloved frontmen.
     It's impossible to expect another record from FC&TRS as there hasn't been a proven record of this in the past, but I am eager to see how this album plays out in time and whether or not FC will find a strong following in the U.S. making a well executed residency a worthy venture for him and his family to explore.

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