Bury My Regrets "Embrace | Overcome"

It's unbelievable that aside from the new August Burns Red record, I've barely covered any metalcore on The Recently Added. It's very rare that an album in this field jumps out at me and makes an impact. In a genre that sort of started and ended with Misery Signals, metalcore never really spoke to me like the majority of the aggressive competition in the djent, doom, chug, and hardcore community. Bury My Regrets however wrap their head around the sound and capture a collection of songs which seem to hang well with the majority of the heavyweights in the scene.
     Although not exploring new ground, Bury My Regrets write really effective songs. Track after track seem to flow incredibly well and the collection, although never straying too far from the tried and true path, gather a bunch of songs which would make any aggressive fan admire. It's a damn shame that this genre has been catapulted with a bombardment of meh releases over time, that this is another one of those albums that may just fall into the pile of bands that are never to be seen or heard from again after this review.
     It's a damn shame too, it's as if there's just not enough room for everybody to play anymore. Hopefully with the right marketing and the right work ethic, Bury My Regrets can step out of the shadows and get into a festival or two in front of people who'll recognize their charm and give them a chance to rock. For now, the album streams on Apple Music and their distribution is going to have to do most of the talking for them.

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