War Wolf "Crushing The Ways Of The Old"

If you're looking for super sludgy, super raw aggression, look no further than War Wolf's Crushing The Ways Of The Old. While the initial impression may be a little too in your face for many conservatives, once you get paste the first track that shouts "Christianity is dying!" the rest of the album is a much easier pill to swallow. 
     Some parts bring to mind the classic brashness of anger titans Nights Like These and their hellish Victory debut. Other times it feels as if Tombs took over the studio. Most of the songs contain some variation between build ups, blasts and pummeling, never really succumbing to true thrash or death metal tendencies. What little blast beats make themselves apparent aren't really there to speed things up, but rather intensify their messaging. Through the samples and lyrical content it's obvious that War Wolf have an agenda. Do faiths claim to be perfect by design? War Wolf seems to think so and they take it a step further by dismissing all forms of organized religion throughout the majority of the album.
     Aside from the lyrical jargon, there's good urgency to the tracks here and the tunes are actually really good. The way they pick things up, the way they bring them down, it's almost a Harms Wayish vibe. If you're looking more for the crust and the rebellion, you've truly found a gem in Crushing.

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