Basement "Promise Everything"

For those of you who've been along for the ride, the first thing you'll notice is just how incredibly heavy this album is for a Basement release. First single "Aquasun" just roars with ruthless guitar production and the bass is just so overwhelmingly thick that I can't wait to get plastered to Colleen Green during the shows I'll be catching on their upcoming tour before the Basement set.
     The songs are as efficient as they've always been, sticking to one or two strong ideas and letting the songs mellow out as they fade away into ash. "Promise Everything" is an incredible anthem of emotions, relating with the essence of pitiful youth often led astray, challenged by growing pains in a changing world. "Submission" showcases sugary coos often found in an artists further developed repertoire. How they managed to smooth it in shows Basement's ability to write incredibly strong hooks.
     The Apple Music blurb indicates the album is "swashbuckling pop punk, now with added sunshine melodies." I don't know what's up with the swashbuckling, but it's definitely solid alternative that gives Everclear a run for their money. At the end of it all it's more of what we always wanted and it'll just take time before this batch of tracks make it into classic territory. 
     Although nothing will ever top the feeling of the debut discovery, and the album isn't as strong as their previous releases as a whole,  the band adds some more steam to their catalogue possibly keeping them afloat for a few more tours. 

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