Bossk ".2"

There's not too many like Bossk that I can handle. Long running times, slow landscaping, tons of lingering. But through the massive weight that is every Bossk track, there is gold and these treasures are not to be overlooked and are certainly worth working through the challenging tracks to find what's truly important. The only reason their prior EP didn't get reviewed first was because it didn't download in time before I went into a dead zone. At only a total of four tracks, I doubt there's correlation between the two, although .2 does bring about a stronger sense of urgency, while .1 dwells in the drones for a much longer period of time before eventually taking off. 
     At two tracks in excess of twenty minutes combined there are sensational moments of melancholy layers that sensationalize the auditory experience. "Define" comes off like a bit of a Clutch anthem, with baritone guitars in true blues by you fashion. The middle section of the track where the group lingers in tinkles is a noteworthy experience is possibly why the band needs so much time to get into this sensual groove.
     "Truth" finds itself akin to a Pink Floyd anthem as it erodes out of bass rumblings into a spill of a session and lingers lightly to embark on a treacherous journey for its glorious thirteen minute allure.
     Bossk is worth the effort if you've got the time and they certainly know how to not overstay their welcome. If you're looking for a good place to start either of their EPs will do, or even the live track that splurged on the split with Rinoa that had that killer trumpet solo.

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