The Black Queen "Fever Daydream"

TDEP's Greg Puciato is certainly no stranger to supergroups and side projects. Alongside Eustis who helped Reznor leave the garage in 2010-, Puciato has formed a respectable electronic project that allows him to expand themes very frequently visited in TDEP.
     While taking TDEP to the respected heights they so rightfully deserve, he and Weinman have created a force that's hardly reckoned with. While the group certainly strayed a bit from their Under The Running Board roots as of late, showcasing promising advancement in songwriting, technical skill and proficiency, it was only a matter of time before members had to split to exploit their passions in other endeavors.
     The Black Queen is obviously Greg in pure form. His delivery is so him and so easy to identify that I wouldn't expect him to delineate from what he does best. Even in Dillinger, many of the songs on the later half of Option Paralysis and One Of Us... often have him cooing and serenading the audience; all in perfect form and punctual execution. The difference here is which trick will he display. Greg's aggressive undertake and abrasive capacity aren't showcased here at all, in fact The Black Queen is what would have happened if Reznor collaborated with TDEP. A sort of HTDA meets Irony... phase Dillinger. Although the lyrics might not be the most effective literature ever written, the melodies and hymns here are just superb for a man who's normally associated with a chaotic math metal outfit.
     The electronics are decent, with "The End Where We Start" showcasing an almost urban beat, and "Secret Scream" presenting itself as something you'd hear on the loudspeakers at Urban while you scoop up your latest pair of fuzzy socks. But the real factor here is Greg and his vocal delivery, saving each track one by one with his insatiable talents. A voice that seems to translate across any noise, any genre, and certainly every song it graces.
     The group's ability to deliver a solid release with all of the Dillinger stuff happening in the background exposes these guys for what they really are. True artists with too much creativity that it can't simply be stifled in one or two groups, no matter how dynamic or varied those outfits might be.

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