Drowning "Egotrip"

For whatever reason, Drowning is being sold as a beatdown band. Let's just ensure were all clear that this is no Feign, Far From Nothing, Rex or the rest of Chugcore promotions. Instead, the album is a half-hearted attempt to capture aggro vibes at a modest execution.
     The group isn't exactly trying to reinvent the wheel, which is fine, but Egotrip is lacking in beef to be officially labeled "beatdown." It's not as slow as the aforementioned bands, and it's certainly nowhere near as ruthless as the other guys. Instead we have a band who understand the hardcore standard and is trying to keep things simple. No fancy flare, intense rhythms, or scrumptious leads. 
     It'll be interesting to see where this ends up, because aside from those RevHQ emails I get every week, this album has completely been overlooked. Hopefully a tour with the like of The Plot In You or Stray From The Path will be the gateway to those other beatdown bands finally getting discovered. Up until now, none of those bands have gotten the respect they so rightfully deserve. 

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