Hacktivist "Outside The Box"

Hacktivist previously dropped a self-titled  EP that featured "Elevate," but on their latest collection Outside The Box the band sheds more pounds as they continue to churn quality riffs and MC skills that expand their core sound.
     It's more from the outfit that continues to push the urban vocal approach. The djent production is still in full effect, and the creativity of the riffs can be refreshing if you've been listening to Atreyu and Asking Alexandria. For the rest of us, Hacktivist is a little bit of everything we've heard before compounded into one. Every once in a while a beat or sample will carry the album from track to track, but this doesn't elevate the release or add much to the experience.
     The group seems to be exploring slightly more grounded angles, exposing riffs that keep things neutral rather than explosive, and consistently play it safe. While the EP may have been exclusively all rap with djent, this is Hacktivist hacking out their efforts to be Linkin Park in the genre.

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