I Am A Preacher "I"

As the tones of beatdown continue to unfold, metalcore now finds itself loaded with more viciousness than ever before. While Villains (now Yüth) scratched the surface with Freudian Slip, many more artists have come clanking behind, shackled to an illusive scene. At five songs and under twenty minutes, I Am A Preacher churn out sounds Akin to Johnny Truant's No Tears... mashed with post Oh God... Norma Jean attributes.
     Although my foreign tongue is week, and I 
is all in Russian, the album still makes for a fun listen. Right out the gate the album opener beats us over the head with ruthless blast beats and unrelenting bellows. The crisp guitar soars smoothly through each track, often chugging itself off a cliff, but quickly recovering with high velocity breakbeats and two step. 
     While some of the ideas here could use a little more development, it's obvious that with a little time and a slight identification of direction, IAAP can easily be a leading contender in the current state of aggressive hardcore.

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