The Iron Son "Enemy"

For those who have caught onto the latest installment in Brandan Schiepatti's long list of entrepreneurial pursuits, The Iron Son finds the former Bleeding Through frontman in full character, doing what he does best, with some of his strongest vocal performance to date.
     Bleeding Through had a solid fifteen year run with a handful of admirable releases packed with so much anger and tension that just wasn't sustainable or healthy for any outfit to carry, and the fact that they did for as long as they did is a complete anomaly. The Iron Son is familiar territory for Schiepatti and his list of performers aren't exactly reinventing the wheel here, and much of it is often reminiscent of Bleeding Through. But regardless of its comparable nature, the collection of nine tracks are some of metalcore's most effective and aggressive tracks in recent memory (including the brilliant thirty second "Take No Shit").
     With some melody sprinkled in, tracks like "Colder" are welcome and are executed extremely well. Where Killswitch Engage often goes off the deep end with their melodic elements taking over the entire song, The Iron Son knows how to contain itself and structures the tracks with enough thrash and blast beats, while not repeating the same lush chorus for two minutes of each track.
      It's obvious Schiepatti has been longing for the spotlight and his rants on his new podcast shed light to the disbanding of Bleeding Through as a full time band, and his brief time in Eighteen Vision's early catalogs. Enemy is a surprising effort, with many strong elements that will make it much more than just "another metalcore album with that guy from Bleeding Through," and hopefully get the band some exposure, unlike Suffer Well, which was shelved before it even managed to make it to its release day.

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