Axis "Show Your Greed"

On Show Your Greed, Axis rip through a collection of tracks that are as reckless and defeating as anything else Good Fight has ever released. At times Converge ("Badgelicker") and at other times a boulder coming down the mountain, there are enough alarm clock riffs here to wake up the whole apartment building and devastate fragile ears.
     While not an easy listen, Axis are captivating enough for the rookies as well as veterans who've been around the hardcore community long enough to know what's going to translate well into the physical and what's going to fall flat as egg whites. The album churns quickly and pummels instantly with its reckless opener and fades itself out with the two part closer "With Silence" and "With Grace."
     It's obvious that there's only hope coming from the outfit and it's great to see them getting paired with label mates Old Wounds, who also released a superior album recently. The dugout is starting to look very promising with a wrath of bands just standing by, ready to take the wheel.

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