Culture Abuse "Peach"

The surfer-rock punk found on Culture Abuse' Peach is refreshing, bold, and original. The straight forward approach they present here is a mix between Angel Du$t and Basement, with an Americana vocal angle that doesn't let down track after track.
     Album opener "Chinatown" is enough to get you interested, and as it progresses hits like "Dream On," and "Don't Worry" showcase the hardcore elements that may have kids diving off the stage in no time. By the time "Heavy Love" swings around, we've already been given so much that it's instantly clear we have another AOTY contender on our hands.
     There's enough here to appeal to both hardcore and true punk fans. The originality found here is comparable to the unique sounds of Death Index and Turnstile, while although not exactly akin to the two, it does share the same inspiration of abrasive originality that's been captured in their most recent releases.

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