Ghost Key "The Things I Am Not"

While trying to cater to the likes of Hundredth and Counterparts, Ghost Key jam rather convincingly and rip through a convincing set of songs that could easily carry them to a confident seat in any HXC Bill.
   Although they don't really reinvent the wheel, their persistence is evident with a quick hang out of tracks that chug and two step stupidly but entertainingly enough to stand out amidst a sea of contenders. 
     While not really Misery Signals, and not exactly It Prevails either, if Ghost Key can hang on to their interpretation of what they're listening to and let this wave of metalcore pass them, perhaps they'll be able to find themselves sitting on a higher chair than many of the current stalwarts lingering about. But this could take years, and for now it's business as usual and it's really up to the public if they're willing to meander over to something that's been done half a million times before.

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