Jesus Piece "EP"

At times it feels as if nothing could ever get heavier than the latest batch of deathcore beatdown outfits. When I heard Feign for the first time I couldn't imagine things could get any crazier, then came Barrier, and then Varroa and Delta arrived who were both so daunting that I weened off the blogs for a bit after unearthing their EPs. Now Jesus Piece is coming out of the house with their self titled EP and have already pillaged through New England's Metal And Hardcore Festival.
     Akin to what Swarm Of The Lotus tried to accomplish and what bands like Gaza and Cult Leader seem to be so successful at producing, JP comes through with the same distorted bass, alarm clock harmonic sludge riffing, and "steady wins the race rhythm" that could only induce mayhem at the next TIH. For those looking to scare their friends after listening to Varroa, JP should certainly be dished up next in line.

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