Nightmarer "Chasm"

Every now and then a metal act will emerge that separates itself from the competitors and stand out amongst the scene. War From A Harlots Mouth was a unique band, that although toyed with familiar themes of blending jazz and death metal, had a unique packaging of production, artistry and stage presence that paved its own lane. I was fortunate enough to catch them once in the toilet seat that was The Beta Bar in Tallahassee, FL in 2009, before they disbanded for good a few years after. 
     It is with great glee that I unearthed Nightmarer, which although is much more abrasive and intimidating than WFAHM, still carries some of the same DNA that made the group so special. The two tracks on Chasm showcase an intense approach to metal comparable to what Ion Dissonance accomplished on Minus The Heard and what Seeker has been falling apart trying to achieve on Unloved. The creativity and flexibility in guitar intricacies are so animated that even though anymore than two tracks would quite possibly rip off an ear lobe, the ease in which the two tracks flow is quite alarming. The songwriting is so out there that any advanced listener will be intrigued to hear more. 
     In a time of chronic metal saturation where bandcamp and soundcloud run the gamut of the up and coming, Nightmarer deserve your attention, if only for two tracks, so that we all wait together as we anticipate a proper full length.

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