Praise "Leave It All Behind"

The latest explosion of alternative bands hailing themselves to be hardcore has certainly been a refreshing trend of sorts. Bands like Turnstile, Basement, Title Fight and Balance and Composure have been swinging in the balance between the Rock and punk world and have gotten a heightened amount of respect in their abilities to gather the most intense live shows and loyal fan base that have grown exponentially in just a few years.
     Praise are another rock band that is more alternative than punk and is more punk than Foo Fighters. The vocals are timid enough but belt out as if almost spoken word. The break bear rhythm and the simple chords make for a brief message to get across of youth neglected, torn apart and misguided.     
      It's all the things we've come to expect from the scene and the band would find themselves cozy in a bill amongst acts like Angel Du$t and even Misery Index.

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