Weekend Nachos "Apology"

It's instantly noticeable just how much heavier Apology is than the rest of the band's catalogue. Sure, it's the same meat and potatoes approach that's been done a million times over, but Worthless certainly didn't have this much punch, even though brutal in its own regard.
     It's a shame that Weekend Nachos have thrown in the towel as their sound is finally at a state that's creating a lane of its own. The blast beats found throughout the album make Apology so punishing that they find themselves looking alive and well alongside new heavyweights Eternal Sleep and Harms Way.
     Now that it's all over, it's great to have a beatdown of a goodbye on the last album, and Weekend Nachos will always be a welcome name on the TIH roster should they ever wish to assist in selling out the annual hardcore Mecca. 

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