Enterprise Earth "Patient 0"

Enterprise Earth bring a solid slab of classic deathcore on Patient 0. While perhaps not as advanced and technical as what Carnifex has toyed with since Hell Chose Me, or what Chelsea Grin produced on their last LP, the album is still convincing enough to be a worthy adversary in the polluted murky waters of metal.
     There are some great vocal varieties amidst the sea of mundane deliveries and "Kiss Of The Recluse" is a fine example of the range the voice is capable of. The music is as tight as a technical metal band needs to be without fancy frills and fills on the drums and absolutely zero leads from the string section, aside from a noodle or two thrown in during pre-pro.
     What makes the album necessary is how it stands tall and proud amongst the top five of the scenes best (Chelsea, Whitechapel, Carnifex, Thy Art & FFAA). These heavyweights have curved a niche in the subgenre and cemented themselves as the pillars of success in the scene. Where countless others Have given us an album and silently disappeared into the darkness, these acts have stayed committed to the creation of something that's been unique to them since the early 2000's. While not exactly undoing ruin on Patient 0, Enterprise Earth have a promising career ahead if they can bear the road and struggles that come with playing underground death metal for a living 200+ days in public out of the year.

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