letlive. "If I'm The Devil..."

It seems like every article about this record mentions Butler's demons and struggles to overcome self hatred and doubt. What should be discussed is the concrete presentation captured here on what is probably letlive.'s most cohesive work to date.
    Gone are those spastic moments where tracks would go sailing into the Galaxy. It feels like on this go around there are tangible things to hold on to. Album opener "I've Learned To Love Myself" is an instant classic, and "Who Your Are Not" and "A Weak Ago" are tracks that would never have made themselves prevalent in Fake History or even The Blackest Beautiful and don't really seem to have a place in a letlive. record. Until now.
     What we have here is a band that hit their growth spurt and channeled their maturation on a collection of songs that showcase that they can be more than just bottled up aggression. While Butler may not exactly settle down while performing these songs live, what's been presented here is a new side to the band that's definitely a welcome face in an otherwise semi mediocre catalogue.

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